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Quote of the day – “The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new lands but seeing with new eyes.” (Marcel  Proust)



One thing a lot of bloggers suffer with is writer’s block. It can be really frustrating when you can’t think of anything to write about and sometimes this is the reason why bloggers stop writing. To give you some inspiration, I decided I would give you twenty blog post ideas. You can use them as they are or put your own spin on them. They are suitable for most blog genres.

1.       Write a review on a product you have been using recently.

2.       Show off your outfit of the day. Do an outfit post that has been inspired by a celebrity.

3.       Tell your readers what you take around in your handbag.

4.       Share all of your favourite bloggers in post.

5.       Try something new with your makeup and blog it.

6.       Have a skill? Lend others a hand with some tips & tricks.

7.       Visit a new place and share your discoveries.   

8.       Nervous of something? Give tips on how you control your nerves.

9.       At the end or beginning of a month, list a few of your favourite things from that month.

10.   Shop for an outfit with a set amount of money (try £20) and write about what you bought.

11.   Compile together a list of things you really want to have. You could even tell your family or friends to look at it so they know what to buy you for your Birthday or Christmas.

12.   Enjoy an unusual hobby? Write about that. People will find it interesting to read about something new.

13.   Rummage through your friend’s makeup bag and compare the products you both use.

14.   Write about all the places you dream of going to in the world and why.

15.   Love music? Share a list of albums you love.

16.   Do a DIY and write how to do it step by step.

17.   Share your top tips for making or saving money. If you don’t know any, look some up on the internet and write about the best places to find them.

18.   If you’ve read a really good book or seen a really good film, write a review of it. Let your readers know if it is worth reading or watching.

19.   Do a question and answer with your favourite blogger.

20.   Show your readers where you write your blog and a few items you can’t blog without.

 I hope these ideas have given you some inspiration for new creative blog posts. I know I will be having a go at some of these. Keep writing and don’t give up. A new idea will come to you and if it doesn’t immediately then try some of the above until one does.


Which is your favourite idea?

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