20 things to do when you're bored this summer


Hello summer!

I'm so glad the summer holidays have finally come and the weather has decided to be nice. With so much free time, many of you may be trying to think of something to do. Here is a list of twenty things you could try if you get bored this summer.

1. Take some photos. Why not go on a walk with your camera and take some nice photos.
2. Be a baker for the day and make some cakes. Share them with your family or friends.
3. Write and film a short movie. Get your friends involved and have them as your actors.
4. Try out different nail art designs. There are lots of tutorials on the internet.
5. Tidy your room. Not the most exciting thing in the world, but at least it gives you something to do.
6. Make ice lollies. I'll be writing a post with recipes soon.
7. Have a picnic in your local park or back garden. You could bring along the cakes you've made ;)
8. Look through fashion magazines and try to recreate some looks.
9.  Start your own blog. I first started my blog for something to do when I was bored.
10. Read a book. Why not come up with a summer reading list.
11. Watch a film. If the weather's not so nice, get some films and watch them with your friends or go to the cinema.
12. Workout. Why not get fit whilst avoiding boredom.
13. Play an instrument. If you can't already, there are loads of tutorials on YouTube.
14. Create a summer playlist. Listen to some new songs.
15. Practice doing your hair. Try out some new hair styles!
16. Make up a dance routine. Choose your favourite song and dance (even if you can't ;)).
17. Make a youtube account. Film some videos to upload.
18. Do some DIYs. Make something pretty for your room.
19. Do some online shopping. Buy some stuff or come up with a wishlist.
20. Create your own list of things to do. Write them on paper and put them in a jar. Next time you're bored, take one out and do it.

I hope you find something to do from the list!
Bye x

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