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Over the past few days I have often found myself browsing through the endless list of clothing, shoes and accessories on the Vinted app. The website/app allows you to buy clothes, shoes, handbags, jewellery and much more from other users at a much lower price than you would in a shop. You can also swap an item you have at home for one you like the look of on the site. The clothes are all in good condition, some worn a few times and some brand new with the tags still on. If you've got any things in the house that don't fit you anymore or you don't want, then you can sell them and save the money or use it on the app to buy something new.


There is so much on it and something to match anybody's style! Also, it is so easy to use. Once you spot something you love, all you do is click the 'I want it' button and then you can either buy it for the price the seller has said or you can make an offer. The app has probably every brand you can imagine on there (I haven't yet come across one that isn't!).

I am really loving this little black dress from Topshop at the moment! I've also been nosing at some really cute bags on  there.
So, do you like the app or do you love it?! I will definitely be making many purchases on here.

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