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Good morning everyone,

I've been fiddling around with my blog a bit recently to get it looking perfect for me, but I'm still not quite done. You may see a few changes within the next couple of days. I have added Google 'Friendly Connect' so you can now subscribe to my blog posts. If you enjoy reading my posts then please do :) 

Today I decided I'm going to do a this or that post. I'm going to list lots of things below and say which one I prefer (this or that) and why.

1. Sunrise or Sunset - Sunset. I really like them both because of the beautiful colours in the sky, but I do think sunset is my favourite because I love the orangy colours it gives off as it is going down and then the purpley-blue colour the sky goes once the sun has gone completley out of sight. I think it is such a wonderful time of a day and you can take some lovely pictures of it! I'm not usually awake to see the sunrise (I love to lie in!) but I am sure that is beautiful on a sunny day too. 

These are some pictures I took from a beach near where I live of the sunset. I use a Nikon Coolpix L820 to take my pictures and I love the camera. I might do a review of it in a future blog post. 

2. Hollister or Gilly Hicks - Hollister. I used to visit both these shops frequently but sadly the Gilly Hicks closest to me has shut down so I only shop in Hollister now. The website has closed down too. I used to really like the Gilly Hicks jumpers and jogging bottoms, however I do think Hollister has a wider range of clothing that suits me.

3. Ferris Wheel or RollerCoaster - RollerCoaster! I love big rides with loop-de-loops and drops and upside down twisty things. My favourite RollerCoaster I have ever been on is The Swarm in Thorpe Park. It is amazing and I think when you do corkscrews you feel like you are flying! 

4. Snowboard or Ski - Ski. I have only ever been skiing so I'm going to say that over snowboard, but I have always wanted to try snowboarding out! 

5. Converse or Vans - Converse. I prefer the converse shoes because I have narrow feet and the vans look a bit big and clumpy on me. I do really like vans bags though! I'm thinking about getting one to go back to school. 

6. Pepsi or Coke - Coke! I don't think they actually taste that different but I will always go for coke over pepsi. 

7. Maths or English - English. I'm much better at English than Maths and I enjoy writing stories and reading books. I find Maths a bit boring sometimes, if I'm honest. 

8. Chocolate or Vanilla - Vanilla. If this is to do with ice cream, then I'm going to choose vanilla because I prefer plain ice cream. My favourite ice cream is actually Ben and Jerry's cookie dough, but that does have mainly vanilla ice cream in it. 

9. Eat in or Eat out - Eat out. I love going out especially for meals because you can have food you don't usually eat at home. I always have steak and chips when I go out so I dont actually try anything that different.  

10. Winter or Summer - Both. I can't choose between these two because there is so much in both of these I like! In the winter is Christmas and my birthday and you get to drink stuff like hot chocolate and have hot dinners all the time. In the winter it sometimes snows too! But in the summer it is lovely and hot (usually) and you can get a tan and your hair gets lighter. I always go on holiday in the summer and I love my summer holidays! 

I hope you liked this post. There will be another one coming tomorrow! 
Bye x

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