5 Tips for Writing Beauty Product Reviews


Hello everyone,

I have beent thinking about reviewing a couple of products, but wasn't sure on a couple of things such as what to include in the review. I had a look on the internet and found some good tips so I decided I would share them with you in this post.

1. Think of a couple of points you want to include in your review - I have listed and explained some good ones below:
  • Where you got it from - Write about where you got the product from, what shop, how much it was etc. If you were sent it for free, let your readers know that. 
  • Packaging - People may want to know what the packaging is like, is it flimsy or strong? Will they be able to take the product around in a bag without having to worry it will break? Describe it and include a picture. Also, sometimes the boxes things come in can be quite pretty and cute so you may want to talk about that.
  • Application - Explain or even demonstrate how you apply the product. Let people know if it is easy to apply, if you have to be really precise, if you have to use a brush etc.
  • Smell - If the product is something that has a smell to it (perfume, cream or anything like that) say if it smells nice or not. 
  • Appearance on skin - This one is more for makeup reviews. Explain how it looks on your skin. Does it have a matte look to it? Is it shiny? You could include a picture of you or someone else wearing it.
  • Durability - Say how strong it is and how long it lasts. You may want to let people know if it stayed on even after you had eaten or drunk anything or how many hours it stayed on for. 
2. Include pictures of the product -  Have a picture of it in the packaging and also on if it is something you wear. You could do a before or after picture for something like mascara, for example, to show how it improves the look of your lashes.

Natural Light is usually the best light to take photos of products on because flashes or lamps etc. can alter the appearance of a product. 

Try to include all the details of a product in your pictures. This doesn't mean you have to take pictures of the product from every single angle, but there are details you should include like the applicator, lids of things like lipsticks and other extra little bits like that. 

If you are editing your pictures to post, don't do things like evening out the look of a foundation on your skin or making the colours of a lipstick brighter. People want to see how the product actually looks otherwise if they buy it they may be disapointed. 

3. Give pros and cons - Of course, if you have bought a product you personally like you will want to write about all the good things about it. But if it does have a couple of bad things about it or things that could be bad, you should include them too. If a product is good for your skin but might not be as good for people with oily skin then say that. What someone reads a review they want to know the truth! 

4. Say your views on the product - Would you recommend it? Why? Write about what makes you think it is so good or bad. Let people know why you did/didn't think something worked well for you and give the reason.

5. Research the product - Maybe this should of been one of the first tips, but have a look on the website for the product or on the packaging. Does it include any extra facts that you think people will want to know or will find interesting? If it does then add them into the review.

After you have written your review, a good idea is to note down the things you talked about in it so next time you write one you won't be stuck for ideas. I hope you liked this post and I hope it helped you! I will be using these tips soon when I write my first review. 

Bye x

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