Top 5 iPhone and iPad Photo Editing Apps


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I love photography so I edit photos quite a lot. I normally use Lightroom on my laptop but sometimes I just want to do something quick with them so they can be uploaded to Instagram or other places. I use quite a lot of apps but do have five favourites.

1. Magic Hour - This application is full of premade filters that you can apply to your pictures with the click of a button. Not only can you do this, but you can also create your own filters or do things like increase/decrease the contrast etc. This is a great, quick photo editing app and you can either buy the free version (you can only download a limited number of filters) or the full version.

2. Squaready - In my opinion, this app is a must-have for any Instagram user. It allows you to put white borders around your pictures so you can put the whole of them on Instagram, not just a square shaped section. This is free in the app store.

3. Picsart - Using this app you can do loads to your photos! You can even put them into collages or draw on them. In the editing section you can crop, clone, colour and fiddle around with the curves. It has all the basics for simple photo editing. This is also free in the app store.

4. Phonto- Phonto allows you to add writing to your pictures. There are many different fonts on there and you can also download other ones to use. It is free in the app store.

5. Superimpose - I think this app is the most similar to Photoshop. You use it to mask two pictures together and can change the colours on it, the brightness etc. I think it is either 69p or 99p in the app store (I can't remember).

So, those are my five favourite Apple photo editing apps. I use loads of other ones, but these ones the most!

Have you tried any of these?

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