Pastel Primark Handbag


Quote of the day - "Not everything that can be counted counts, and not everything that counts can be counted." - Albert Einstein


Today's trip to town brought me to Primark before going to see Cinderella in the cinema (which was amazing!). Whilst there I bought a new, cute, pastel coloured handbag. Only the other day when I was carrying a huge bag full with one item was I wishing for a smaller bag to carry things around in, and today I found one which I love!

I chose the pastel coloured version as I thought it was very spring/summery and it is pale pink and cream. It was surprisingly only £8 which I thought was a really good price considering you can buy almost the exact same one for £30+ in other shops.

It is a really handy thing to have if you are going out and only need to take your purse or a little bit of makeup with you. I was also really pleased when I discovered it goes with this top quite well. I think I'll be looking around Primark next time I want to invest in a new bag.

Where do you like to get bags?

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