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I've been doing ballet since about the age of four, so waiting to begin dancing en pointe seemed like a long time. I considered it a big achievement when I final got told by my teacher to go and get the shoes. I have only had two lessons on them and am so excited until I will be able to dance properly on them! I thought today I would share with you some of my first thoughts about the whole experience, from my first fitting to my first lesson.

1. It seemed a bit confusing. When I went to buy them for the first time with my mum, I was unsure of what they were supposed to feel like, if they were too small or too big and a lot more. However, after two fittings, I left with a beautiful pair of shoes, so all the confusion was worth it.

2. Sewing them takes ages. As you can see in the picture, you have to darn the fronts of the shoes so that they last longer. Luckily for me, my mum and grandmother did it, but it took them HOURS! They sewed one shoe each from about 6pm until midnight.

3. It hurts. A lot. In my first lesson I discovered that even just doing little things at the barre on them hurts so much! But I enjoy doing it so much, so I just ignore the pain. No pain, no game, hey?

4. I love it. Putting aside the fact that it hurts, I love wearing my pointe shoes and I get excited every week for my next lesson. I can't wait until I am better at it. I am sure all the work will be worth it.

A bit of a more personal post today, but I hope you enjoyed finding out a little bit about pointe shoes and my thoughts on them.

Bye x

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